Deamed Qualified Doctors

Qualified Doctors

Our higly experienced surgeons are Doctors of Medical sciences, university professors, members of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), members of different international scientific association.

Deamed - 17 years experience

17 years experience

More then 17 years of successful practice in hair transplantation. Dr. Aleqsi Makharashvili, MD, PhD is a head of training course of Hair auto-transplantation at the State Medical University of Georgia.

Deamed - 7 500+ happy patients

7 500+ happy patients

Thousands of patients underwent medical treatment in our clinic. We are more than happy to continue providing quality care in different fields of aesthetic medicine.

Natural-looking results

Natural-looking results

Procedure lasts for 2-5 hours and depends on amount of transplanting grafts. It is absolutely comfortable for patient. Survival rate of transplanted hair in our clinis is very high - 98%!

DEAMED clinic doctors and surgeons

DEAMED International aesthetic medicine and health center

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Tbilisi State Medical University Georgian Society of Hair Restoration
The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Tbilisi State Medical University Georgian Society of Hair Restoration
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Georgia becomes one of the most visited countries in the world with
lowest crime index, popular among travelers with its astonishing nature
and cultural heritage, as well as high quality medical services!

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Georgia is one of the most unique tourist countries in the world. Tourism in Georgia is thriving due in large part to its diversity of landscapes, cultural heritage, and an unrivalled reputation for hospitality to foreigners. “Cradle of Wine”- the motherland of the oldest wines in the world. Scientists say 8,000-year-old pottery fragments have revealed the earliest evidence of grape wine-making. Georgia has a long history of beekeeping. So far, the oldest remains of honey have been found in Georgia dating back to some 5,500 years ago. Over the last 17 years, Georgia’s healthcare system has undergone reform which has improved health indicators and narrowed the gap between Georgian and European standard. Medical tourists usually come from EU countries, Russia, as well as from the Middle East and Americas.

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Dr. Diana Papaskiri

Lead surgeon

Founder and Director. The member of ISHRS.

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Dr. Ekaterine Todua

Hair transplants

Doctor-transplantologist, Consultant

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Dr. Maka Doghozashvili

Dermatology / Trichology

Trichologist, dermato-cosmetologist

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Dr. Neli Keshelashvili

Dermatology / Trichology

Dr. Neli Bakuradze

Dermatology / Trichology

Dr.Elen Saxltxucishvili


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Hair transplantation methods

FUE - seamless hair transplant

FUE HAIR TRANSPLANTATION Follicle Unit Extraction or as it’s called FUE method is quite popular and demanding among the patients. This method is special because grafts are taken separately from the donor area (back of head) with a special, 0.6-0.9 mm diameter, miniature tool – punch. Nowadays many people consider FUE as the newest technology, though is has 30 years of development history. The only thing that distinguishes FUE from Strip method is donor hair acquiring technique. In that case no incisions or stitches are made on the back of head. That’s why FUE method is also called seamless and “non-surgical” method. The rest stages of these two methods (FUE and Strip) are identical. Both methods use micro graft transplantation, which include 1-3 hairs and that’s why both result in completely natural aesthetic results.

Advantages of FUE Method:

  • No incision is made on donor area (back of head). So there is no discomfort caused by the wound, nor the linear scar.
  • It is possible to transplant hair from the other parts of body (chest, back, limbs).
  • Precise calculation of the grafts, consisting of a certain number and structure of hairs.
  • Using FUE and Strip methods together (combined method) enables us to retain sufficient number of grafts even in case of high stage baldness or bad scalp mobility in donor area. The combined method enables us to transplant more than 8000 grafts in one surgery.
  • Patient can do sport activities from the third day after the surgery, whereas hard physical activities are restricted for at least 2 weeks in case of Strip method.
It should be mentioned that FUE method doesn’t require profound knowledge of surgical skills and it is comparatively easier to perform that Strip method. That’s why all of the new transplantation specialists start their practice with this method. However, it is a misleading approach. FUE method needs surgical skills and, more importantly, experience, in order to avoid damaging grafts during the extraction and to maintain the natural appearance of donor area. Consequently, this results in high viability of the transplanted hair and rational usage of donor hairs, in order to avoid wasting them. Donor hair is limited in number and each graft is valuable for the patient.

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FUT or Strip hair transplant

STRIP HAIR TRANSPLANTATION FUT or Strip Method is the main, classic method of hair transplantation. In this case skin strip is cut from the back of head (donor area) and it is further divided into follicle units – grafts, which are transplanted into balding areas (recipient areas).

A graft is a transplant which includes from 1 to 3-4 follicles.

Hair transplantation with STRIP method consists of 4 stages:

1. Skin strip cutting from donor area: This is the main stage which distinguishes STRIP method from FUE (stitchless) method. In this case hair is not shaved. The only area which is shaved is the narrow line on the back of head, which is cut. After that a cosmetic stitch is made on the wound, which is covered with hair and is not visible even right after the surgery.

The surgeon’s experience and skills are very important on this stage. It is essential that he correctly defined the skin strip sizes (length and width), which is to be cut, that is the necessary prerequisite for further formation of invisible scar, as well as performing the plastic incision correctly. We use the plastic method of donor area, which forms a thin, linear scar, which is fully covered with hair after several month from the surgery and it is not noticeable even in case of short haircut. This method of putting stitches is provided by Mario Marzola and it is called Trichophytic Closure.

The scar on the donor area (back of head) after 4 month from hair transplantation surgery with Strip method.

It can only be noticed in case of shaved hair or a very short haircut.

2. Graft preparation is performed under a stereoscopic microscope, with 10-20 times magnification, which significantly improves quality of graft processing and lessens the possibility of follicle damaging. All of these factors are directly reflected in the results of the procedure.

3. Forming micro holes in recipient area This is a highly important stage as the transplant hair density and direction is formed during it. The depth of the micro holes must exactly correspond the length of the grafts, in order the follicles to be transplanted in the layer of the skin where they can function naturally. We use microsurgical tools and injections to form micro holes in our clinic, which form a tiny linear incision, 0,8- 1,0 mm in length. This enables us to achieve the maximum density of transplanted hair, which leads to the best cosmetic results.

4. Implanting grafts in balding areas Special tweezers are used to implant grafts by assistant surgeons. In case of using implanters, the 3rd and 4th stages are performed simultaneously. Micro holes aren’t formed at that time as the implanter pen stings the skin and places graft into it at the same time.

How to plan hair transplantation?
Well-planned surgery is the necessary prerequisite of high quality transplanted hair. That’s why it is important to make an appointment with a doctor and be consulted. Hair transplantation necessity is identified, donor hair is assessed and exacted number of grafts are calculated during the consultation. In addition to this, forehead line design is negotiated and the most effective and safest method for you is chosen; surgery stages are also defined. A patient should get full information about the possible achievable results in their case. Hair transplantation can only be considered as successfully performed if the results meet the patient’s expectations. If you cannot visit our clinic, you can have an online consultation. Hair transplantation surgery doesn’t require special preparation. Prior the surgery patient has to take the following analysis:

  • General blood test
  • The prothrombin time (PT) test
  • Blood glucose test
  • Infections test (hepatitis B (HBV) and C (HCV), AIDS, Syphilis)
  • Patient is not allowed to take alcohol two days prior the surgery

How is the surgery performed?
Hair transplantation is an ambulatory procedure, its duration depends on the volume of the work to be done and last for 3-6 hours. The manipulation is done under the conditions of local anesthesia, it is absolutely painless, without any side effects, in free mode for the patient: he/she is comfortably placed in an armchair, able to watch desired TV program or a film, talk on the phone, listen to music, etc. Dinner is served to the patient during the break time.

What should we know after hair transplantation?
Patient starts washing hair and gets back to their occupation right the next day of hair transplantation. In case of Strip method, a bandage can be put on the patient’s donor area (back of head) for one night and hard physical activity can be restricted for two weeks. In case of FUE method bandage is necessarily put on the donor area for one day and the patient can do any sport or physical activity right from the third day after the surgery. Transplanted hair doesn’t require any special care or further treatment. Due to physiological stability of hair growth, healthy hair starts growing from the follicles in 2-3 month after the transplantation, and after 6 month significant effect is noticeable, maximum result is acjieved after 10-12 months. It is impossible to distinguish transplanted hairs from the rest; they grow naturally and don’t fall. It can be cut, dyed, styled, etc.

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LHT - Long hair transplants

LONG HAIR TRANSPLANTATION Long hair transplantation is one of the interesting and progressive directions of hair auto transplantation, which doesn’t require shaving or cutting hair in donor area. Transplanted hair length is equal to the donor hair length in the moment of transplantation. The first publications regarding long hair transplantation appeared in 2004 and their author was a Brazilian surgeon Marcelo Pitchon. According to his technique long hair transplantation was only possible through FUT (Strip) method. During 2014-2015 the professor Aleksiy Makharashvili worked out innovative long hair transplantation technology with FUE method. However, while the engineers were working on inventing the corresponding equipment and tools, in September, 2016 a Brazilian doctor Otavio Boaventura was the first to report about the same method to the 24th ISHRS International Congress in Las-Vegas. It was clear that he and Aleksiy Makharashvili were considering this issue at the same time, that’s why a long hair transplantation with FUE method can be called Boaventura-Makharashvili method.

Advantages of the LHT Method:

  • Patient can see the result right at the end of procedure, which will be actually achieved 10-12 month later. Transplanted hair density and direction is clearly visible.
  • Patient doesn’t need to take a vacation from work or postpone business meetings, as hair isn’t shaved.
  • Long hair transplantation can totally cover the red dots which appear after the procedure during the first week. The method makes the early post operational period unnoticeable, which makes the patient more confident and he returns to usual life rhythm even more actively right from the second day after the surgery.
  • Surgeon can see the result of his/her work and is able to transplant hair in optimal density and natural direction.
However, it should be mentioned that long hair transplantation result is temporary and lasts for inly 2-3 weeks . after that the hair starts falling gradually and only after 2-3 months starts growing again, as well as in case of using other hair transplantation methods. Patient receive a noticeable cosmetic result in 6 month after transplantation, and the final result is achieved after 12 months period. The only disadvantage of long hair transplantation can be considered the fact that in post operational period (first 1 week) it requires very attentive care and big carefulness, as the risk of falling out the transplanted hairs is really high. All of the methods of hair transplantation give good results and have their pros and cons. The most preferable method or combination of methods for a certain patient is selected between a doctor and a patient individually.


Long hair transplantation result right after the surgery.

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Happy patient after the hair transplantation in DEAMED clinic. This excellent result is a testament to the hard work and commitment of DEAMED clinic surgeons.

Alopecia also developes as a result of various traumas (burning, mechanic trauma, surgery, etc.) and some skin deceases, which cause hair follicle replacement with connective tissue so the balding areas develop. In such cases, hair restoration is impossible without surgical intervention. Traction alopecia is also included in the group, which develops as a result of long term mechanic influence (pulling) on hair, for example very tight hair styling. Scars, placed on hairy part of head, often cause psycho-emotional disorder in patients. Their skills of social adaptation decrease and the quality of life becomes worse. Unfortunately, significant part of doctors’ society considers that hair transplantation in scars areas is not effective and offer the patients wrong treatment tactics even today. Existing surgical methods of eliminating scars on hairy parts of head (free skin transplantation, scar extraction, Expander and Extender methods) are not always effective, complete liquidation of scar area can’t be achieved and in frequent cases, additional scars are developed and it is followed by a range of complications.

The only effective treatment method in this case is hair transplantation with micro-grafting method (Follicular Micro Auto Transplantation). Our surgeons have the richest experience in the field of hair transplantation in scars. In addition the graft viability is 93-95% and good cosmetic result is achieved. In 2010, Dea Papaskiri defended a thesis regarding “Surgical Treatment of the Patients with Scar Defects on the Hairy Area of Head”, which means transplanting hair in scar areas using follicular micro auto transplantation method in on the Doctor Training Council of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. This work is unique with its scientific value and has no analogue in the world. In case of scar alopecia treatment, considering the scarring tissue structural features and choosing a correct tactics is essential in order to avoid traumas. In some cases morphological research of scarring tissue biopsy materials is necessary to define the hair transplantation indication.

As a result of our long term researches, it is confirmed that after hair transplantation in damaged area, not only good cosmetic result can be achieved, but also the scar structure is improved. All the stages of transplanting hair in scars are similar to hair transplantation during androgenic alopecia. FUE, Strip or their combination is used, but due to unusual vascularization of scar tissues the surgical technique is quite changed in order to avoid tissue traumas.

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Beard, Eyebrow and Moustache Transplantation

BEARD HAIR TRANSPLANTATION BHT DEAMED Clinic uses innovative, less traumatic and effective methods of hair transplantation which allow us to correct cosmetic defects of eyebrows, moustache and beard successfully in case of their partly of full absence. In this case we also use back of head and temples zones as donor areas. Some of our colleagues prefer using donor hairs from limbs and other parts of body, which we don’t approve. Donor follicles are retained through Strip or FUE methods. In both cases choosing the hair of corresponding structure is an important factor, especially during eyebrow restoration. Post-operational period is similar as in other cases of hair transplantation. Hair starts growing after 2 month from being transplanted and it maintains all the features: color, structure, growing rate, etc. It doesn’t require any special treatment; it keeps growing during the whole life and doesn’t fall. It can be cut, dried, shaved, etc.

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Recent activities

DEAMED at the international events & workshops

19 October 2019

1-st Annual Congress of Georgian Hair Restoration Society, Tbilisi, Georgia

Hair restoration Society of Georgia, which was founded in 2018, represents a non-profit legal entity. Its membership exceeds 1 100 people in 70 countries around the world.

10 October 2018

XXVI Annual Congress of the ISHRS, Hollywood, USA

On 10th- 14th of October, 2018 annual XXVI congress of ISHRS was held in Hollywood, USA. Professor Aleksiy Makharashvili represented “DeaMed” clinic to the congress, he is a member of ISHRS and actively contributes to the Society’s activities.

28 September 2016

XXIV Annual Congress of the ISHRS, Las Vegas, USA

The 24th Congress was distinguished with its content and the points which were emphasized regarding hair transplantation. Professor Aleksiy Makharashvili and plastic surgeon, Doctor of Medicine Dea Papaskiri were actively involved in congress activities.

9 September 2015

XXIII Annual Congress of the ISHRS, Chicago, USA

DEAMED team was represented at XXIII Annual Congress of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) held in Chicago. Prof. Alexiy Makharashvili with Bernard Nusbaum - the winner of the "Golden Follicle 2015" award.