DeaMed clinic offers training programs in Hair Transplantation and Trichology.

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Doctors of DeaMed clinic have been training the doctors and assistants in the specialty of “Hair Transplantation” for more than 14 years now.

The training program lasts for 21 calendar days and it is fully directed to practical aspects. After being trained on mannequins, trainees participate in all the stages of a real surgery. That’s why having finished the course, our trainees gain the level of practical knowledge that enables them to perform hair transplantation surgery independently from the beginning till the end.

DeaMed clinic provides the trainees with accommodation in a hotel with two meals a day during the whole period of training program. The trainees receive the transfer service to and from!

Program of Qualification Improvement Course Specializing in “Hair Transplantation”

  1. Differentiation of hair loss types.
  2. Correct planning of medical examinations.
  3. Work in a Simulation Class
  4. Work in the Operating Room

The Lectures:

  1. Hair anatomy and physiology. Hair loss types (diffuse, alopecia areata, androgenic, cicatricial), etiopathogenesis and clinical course.
  2. What is hair transplantation? Hair transplantation development history, Indications and contraindications.
  3. Different methods of hair transplantation (Strip, FUE), Advantages and disadvantages.
  4. Nonstandard ways of hair transplantation and their features (long hair transplantation; body hair transplantation; hair transplantation in scars after traumas or burns; brows, moustache and beard restoration).
  5. Anesthesia before hair transplantation surgery. Critical conditions, prevention and treatment.
  6. Hair transplantation complications, prevention and treatment.
  7. How to equip a specialized hair transplantation clinic?

Practical Courses:

  1. Work in a consulting office. First contact with patients. Taking anamnesis, examining patients, identifying the level of hair loss and the number of transplanted grafts, assessing the donor area condition, choosing the design and planning the surgery (methods, stages…). Managing the medical correspondence.
  2. Collecting donor material using STRIP method. Different types of donor area incision closure, Trichophytic Suture.
  3. Collecting donor material using FUE method with different techniques (machinery and manual techniques)
  4. FUE and STRIP methods combination
  5. Grafts dissection using stereoscopic microscopes.
  6. Recipient area preparation, creating design, forming pinholes.
  7. Transplanting grafts in the recipient area using different techniques (with implanters and forceps).
  8. Nonstandard hair transplantation (long hair transplantation; body hair transplantation; hair transplantation in scars after traumas or burns; brows, moustache and beard restoration).
  9. Post operational patient management.

After finishing the course, doctors and assistants will be presented with a state diploma (Tbilisi State Medical University), proving the improved qualification specializing in “hair transplantation”.

We will teach our trained doctors not only how to transplant 5000 and more grafts within a procedure, but also we are ready to assist in establishing a new hair transplantation clinic and give detailed consultation on every stage - from choosing a venue to the first patient.

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Trichology has been successfully functioning as a field of medicine in many developed countries of the world. Hair loss and alopecia has long been considered as a decease and they have got corresponding codes ( L64-L68) in ICD classification. Thus, inventing and establishing diagnostics and effective treatment algorithm in this direction became necessary as well.

Our program in Trichology aims to deepen the proper knowledge among the doctor-trichologists and it is implemented on the basis of Tbilisi State Medical University clinic DeaMed.

The head of the training program is professor Alexy Makharashvili, the head of medical activity quality control of DeaMed clinic, founder of “Georgian Association of Hair Transplantation and Trichology”, member of “International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery” (ISHRS, USA), Doctor of Medicine.

Main Aspects of Trichology Training Program:

  • Lecture Course
  • Work in the consultition office
  • Performing various diagnostic manipulations (Wood’s lamp, dermatoscopy, trichoscopy, trichogram, spectrogram, computer diagnostics, taking skin smear, preparing platelets enriched plasma).
  • Injection methods of treatment (Mesotherapy, PRP) and physio procedures.
  • Correct selection of effective medications and cosmetic means, used in trichology.

After finishing the theoretical and practical courses our trained doctors will be presented with a valid certificate, approved by Tbilisi State Medical University.

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