XXVI Congress of The International Society Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) Hollywood, California, USA, 2018

XXVI Congress of The International Society Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) Hollywood, California, USA, 2018

On 10th- 14th of October, 2018 annual XXVI congress of The International Society Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) was held in Hollywood, USA (Program coordinator – Parsa Mohebi). The clinic “DeaMed” was represented by Professor Aleksiy Makharashvili to the congress, he is a member of ISHRS and actively contributes in the Society’s activities.

925 delegates from 57 countries took part in the congress totally, 185 of which were newly registered members. It should be mentioned that the number of ISHRS regular congress attendants is increasing every year, which means the growing interest to the hair loss problem and further popularization of hair transplantation.

During the process of the congress we were convinced once more in the fact that Strip and FUE methods cannot be described as opponents, vice versa, the best results can be achieved through their combination in frequent cases. Each patient needs individual treatment and a doctor should decide which hair transplantation method is the safest and most effective way in each case.

XXVI Congress of The International Society Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) Hollywood, California, USA, 2018 One more important thing is that the congress dedicated great attention to the mistakes and complications made in hair transplantation field. As you already know, the number of the doctors wanting to be occupied in this field is growing alongside with hair transplantation popularity; the number of new clinics is also increasing. ISHRS is worried about the fact that new clinics and medical staff are not properly qualified. The medical service they offer, gives negative results, which causes distrust towards hair transplantation in society. In order to solve this problem, ISHRS decided to make the regulations even stricter in haor transplantation field all around the world. So called “Black Market” was created, which should be informed about the clinics and doctors without license, doctors’ mistakes and underqualified staff. Thus, ISHRS imposed responsibility on each or its members to develop and follow the hair transplantation quality service, which means to keep the patients’ interests.

At the end of the congress traditional gala dinner and awards ceremony was held. Paul Cotril became the winner of Golden Follicle 2018, Platinum Follicle was awarded to Jersy Kolanski and the highet award - ISHRS Manfred Lucas prize was given to a Australian transplantation specialist, our friend – Mario Marzolla. It should be mentioned that this prize was awarded to the outstanding scientists and innovators in hair transplantation field like Shoji Okuda, Norman Orentreikh, Otar Norwood, Bob Limer, etc.


Aleksiy Makharashvili and Paul Cortil

Aleksiy Makharashvili and Mario Marzolla

Congress Program Coordinator Parsa Moheby and Aleksiy Makharashvili

Sanusi Umar has the biggest experience in hair transplantation from body in the world

During the general session, A. Makharashvili with his student Nina Fisher and the owner of Platinum Follicle 2018, Iranian Abbasi

Aleksiy Makharashvili and Otavio Boaventura are still arguing, who of them was the first author of long hair transplantation using FUE method

Memory Photos with Colleagues and Friends

Memory Photos with Colleagues and Friends

Bob Leonard (USA), Maria Shambakh (Guatemala), Aleksiy Makharashvili and Stefano Ospitali (Italy)

The end of the Congress, ISHRS President Tommy Vangi is satisfied

Aleksiy Makharashvili with his elder son 16-year-old Luka Makharashvili in Hollywood, hoping that he won’t break the family tradition and will become the third generation surgeon.